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Looking to develop my yoga practice further and expand my knowledge of different yoga traditions, in 2020 I headed towards Himalayas India. During the three years stint I was there, I travelled throughout the country deepening my yoga practice visiting different ashrams and schools of yoga.

This gave me a foundation to instruct different styles of asana classes, combining with other important aspects of yoga, such as pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and basic meditation.

My teaching influences

My style of teaching draws on my foundations in yoga physiology, psychology and philosophy. It allows me to share an authentic yoga experience. It’s important to provide students with a balanced class of asana, pranayama and relaxation and/or meditation. And to create space for students to fully experience and go deep into their practice.

Since 2020 it has been my focus to develop a solid meditation practice. I participate regularly in silent meditation courses and retreats including Transcendental meditation and Yoga Tantric meditation.

Every year I also spend time at ashrams in India to study further and to immerse myself in traditional ashram life. It’s through continuous study and experience, that I am able to increase my knowledge, and bring my experience into my teaching.

For more than 20 years I worked as a corporate professional. But being on this yogic journey, I have awakened a passion for Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine. I’ve switched from working in corporates to ashrams for workshops and retreats.

And it’s through Yoga that I discovered Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga. I love learning how, through these ancient philosophies we can bring harmony to body and mind by adapting our diet and lifestyle.

Sustainable Living

Throughout all these years, side by side with my yoga journey, I have lived in sustainable communities around India. Here I have experienced alternative ways of living and learning about permaculture, which is a totally integrated design system that is modelled on nature.
Permaculture opens the door to one of my passions, which is sustainable building. These are sustainable buildings designed for people to live off the grid. They are built using natural and recycling materials, natural sources like the sun and rain water, and incorporating natural ventilation system and food production.

I believe that permaculture and yoga are the same, a way of living in balance and harmony within our Self and Pachamama (mother nature).


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