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Promoting health & wellbeing in your workplace

Introducing yoga and meditation into the workplace, is a wonderful addition to your employee wellness program. We have experienced first hand the impact of burn-out and workplace stress. We therefore, fully understand the importance and have experienced the benefits that yoga and meditation bring in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Resulting in significant benefits, that include:

Stress Reduction

There’s no denying it, we are living in a society where the work environment is demanding. Our workloads have increased, deadlines are tighter and this can put pressure on people to feel rushed and overwhelmed. The knock-on effect of reduced self-esteem, employees experiencing symptoms of anxiety and stress is all too familiar.
Research shows that Yoga in the workplace helps to improve employee’s mental wellbeing and reduces the symptoms of stress. Breathing practices like abdominal breathing, mindfulness techniques, meditation and Yoga Nidra are practices that can be used to support the mental wellbeing of employees.

Increased energy and productivity

A large proportion of the workforce spend their time in offices, sitting at their desks and rarely taking a break. Sadly, this often includes not taking a lunch break. Because we are not moving, we’re promoting poor circulation and as result our energy levels decrease and we get fatigued.
Simple stretches during lunch breaks can re-energise the body and mind, this is because Yoga helps to increase blood flow, and therefore, increases energy. If the energy increases, the mind becomes clearer, you begin to work more efficiently and productivity also improves.

Improved posture

Prolonged sitting or standing impacts on the posture of a person. Problems with lower back, tightness through the hips and shoulders are common symptoms. Regularity of practice will improve the overall health and wellbeing of your employees. We incorporate practices to our programs to specifically strengthen and enhance flexibility as well as promote mobility.

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