Online Yoga and Meditation

Do you prefer to practice Yoga and Meditation from the comfort of your own home?


Perhaps your work or family commitments stop you from attending regular classes in a studio.

Convenience is one of the main reasons why online yoga and meditation remains so popular. If you can’t make any of our classes live, we’re very happy to share with you the recording so you can practice at a time more convenient to you. We teach traditional yoga and meditation classes in English and Hindi.


Choose Your Class

Integral Yoga

A balance of asana, pranayama and meditation, with the emphasis on cultivating awareness.

Community Meditation

Join our weekly 45 minute Meditation class to help you relax deeply and sleep soundly.

Gentle Yoga & Yoga Nidra

A classical style of Yoga, with an emphasis on relaxation and rejuvenation includes a full 30 minutes Yoga Nidra.


Pay for your class by clicking the BOOK NOW button under your chosen class.

You will be sent an email with all the details and a link to join the class

Before a class, find a quiet space to roll out your yoga mat. Gather any props you may need, for example a cushion, bolster or blanket and a good internet connection!

To join, click on the Zoom link in your confirmation email.

After the class we will send you a link to the replay so you can watch the class again for the next 5 days.

It is advised not to eat a heavy meal two hours prior to the class starting.

Roll on your mat and place your computer on a chair or desk so that you can see the screen from your mat and we are able to see you!

To reserve your place in this class please contact PriiNaassh direct by email: or contact +91 879-101-1176

Terms of private and online classes.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 2 hours in advance.
  • For private online classes – in the event of a poor internet connection or any technical issues, you will be able to reschedule.
  • When booking for private classes, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance prior to any class, so that we can arrange a time slot that works best for you and any changes to your booking (if need be) can be made within 12hrs prior to session.
  • You must have clearance from your doctor prior to practicing yoga or any physical activity.
  • Wrongfully using our services, any rude or inappropriate behaviour or questions will result in cancellation of class/future classes with no refund.
Namaste! We’re so happy you’re here!

Our purpose is to make the practices of meditation, mindfulness and traditional yoga, easily accessible for real people, just like you!

With their roots in ancient traditions, we’ll share practices and lifestyle techniques that transformed our lives and continue to support our wellbeing and journey to living a balanced life.

More than just poses on the mat, Yoga is a lifestyle that looks at the whole you; movement, diet, sleep, and mental wellbeing. You’ll find us teaching ONLINE and in person at our retreat centre in Himalayas

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